PA Livestream

Pillow Academy Livestream is up running. However, we are facing a few challenges.  There have been technical issues, bandwidth availability as well as equipment upgrades to work our way through. We hope to have the issues resolved, but as of now there is no set date.

For the foreseeable future, the plan is as follows:

Games for all sports: We will stream to YouTube and the Pillow Academy Athletic Booster Club’s Facebook page if we have good internet.  If we are having bandwidth issues and using cellular service, we will ONLY stream to the Pillow Academy Athletic Booster Club’s Facebook page because it requires the least bandwidth. 

We will upload the non-football and basketball games to YouTube as soon as we are able to get to reliable internet service for your non-live viewing also.

To access PA’s YouTube page – go to our website and select the YouTube icon at the bottom of the page. A second way to find us is to go to YouTube and search for Pillow Academy Livestream.

To access the Booster Club page on Facebook – Login to your Facebook page and search for Pillow Academy Athletic Booster Club.

The Facebook page will be the most reliable because it is taking less bandwidth to upload to it.  If you try one source and there is no LIVE video, please try the other source. We are doing the best we can and will continue to do all we can to get you a great product for the students. 


For your convenience, the links are shown below: (Please share with your family and friends!)