PA Kindergarten and Elementary Carpool Procedures - Updated!

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Please be patient as we work to move the carpool line along quickly and safely.  We have made many adjustments to regular arrival and dismissal procedures.  Please see the carpool reminders below:

Morning Carpool:

  • During Morning Carpool- The parking area by the playground is blocked off with cones.  If your vehicle is stopped in this area by the cones, your child can exit the vehicle and a teacher will take their temperature in the coned area. 

Afternoon Carpool:

  • Please do not form the double line for afternoon carpool until 3:05 p.m.  The kindergarten carpool is until 3:00 p.m. and if the double line is formed early, parents can not get to the kindergarten building to pick up their child.  The buses at the front of the building are for students being picked up from Twin Rivers.  These buses leave when students are all loaded, not at a specific time.  Please do not use the buses as a cue to form the line.
  • Please let the office know if you need another carpool name tag.  
  • While in the pickup area and waiting for your child to load, please put your car in PARK until the teacher at the front has turned the sign for cars to move.