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PAPA is the Pillow Academy Parent’s Association. It is comprised of 11 parent volunteers, who agree to serve at least a one-year term. These parents volunteer their time with the mission to help and support Pillow Academy. The goal of PAPA is to give back to the students, faculty, and staff. ALL proceeds raised by PAPA go directly back to Pillow Academy.


  • PAPA hosts Grandparents Day annually. We coordinate the food and drinks as well as the transportation for all of the visitors on campus this day.
  • PAPA hosts Veteran’s Day. We coordinate the food and drinks for the honorees on campus this day.
  • PAPA honors all teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • Kindergarten Snacks
  • Elementary Snacks



  • The Mustang Shop is an ongoing fundraiser for PAPA. Members of the board volunteer to supply and sell all items in the Mustang Shop to provide youth and adults with Mustang spirit items (including apparel, hats, door hangers, chair backs, pom poms and other various items).  ALL proceeds from Mustang Shop sales go directly back to Pillow Academy!
  • Coordinate collection of Box Tops for Education (now a digital service that anyone anywhere can use to support PA; download the app Box Tops for Education and simply scan any grocery store receipt). 
  • Various other fundraisers, which can change annually. Some past events have included powder puff games, Bar-B-Que dinners, and spaghetti dinners.  


PAPA Donations to PA:

Past donations to PA from PAPA proceeds have included:

  • Smartboards for classrooms
  • “Wish list” items for teachers (such as puzzles, books, toys, and other educational materials)
  • Items to make over the teacher lounges (such as microwaves, ice machines, coffee makers)
  • iPads and charging carts for classrooms
  • Microwaves for the cafeteria
  • Playground equipment
  • Teacher lunches during work weeks

PAPA BOARD 2020-2021



President – Lindsay Powers


Vice President/Ex-officio – Katherine Howard


Secretary – Kristen Trusty


Treasurer/Mustang Shop – Stacy Whitfield


Mustang Shop – Rosanne Hodges


Class Bundles/Mustang Shop – Kerri McQueen


Social Media – Grace Jefcoat


Teacher Snacks – Rachel Goldberg


PAPA Reps – Crystal Downing


Veterans and Grandparents Day – Jessica Mims


Teacher Appreciation and Box Tops – Britanny Mortimer