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Week at a Glance: Grades 6-12



Announcements for Grades 6-12

Soccer - Girls sign-up sheet in the office.


Year at a Glance Calendar for 2021-2022 - click here.


Locker Stickers:  Green Sticker - Go to locker after periods 1-3-5.  Gold Sticker: Go to locker after periods 2-4-6.


Drop-Off Bin- Grades 6 through12:  Located at the front of Hardeman Hall. Call Mrs. Tribble when something is placed in the bin: 662-453-1266. Please refrain from coming into the building. 


Early Check-Out: If picking up a student early, please call the office when you get on campus. Student will be called to office to sign out and then sent out to vehicle.  Please refrain from coming into the building. 

Elementary and Kindergarten Announcements


Afternoon carpool.  Please do not form the double line until a teacher walks out to begin calling (usually after 3:05 p.m).  The kindergarten carpool continues until 3:00 p.m. and if the double line is formed early, parents cannot get to the kindergarten building to pick up their child. Also, junior high parents are using the left side to pick up their child in the other building.  When a teacher walks out for duty, the double line can begin to form. Thank you for your help with this. 

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Friday, April 9th- FpKids for 3rd-5th


Tuesday, April 13th

Spring Portraits for K5, 1, and 2nd.  -We will take a homeroom pictures.  Students may wear spring attire.  


Wednesday, April 14th- 

Spring Portraits for 3rd, 4th, and 5th- We will take homeroom pictures.  Students may wear spring attire.