Jr. High National Honor Society

The . 37 students were inducted.  To become a member each student must maintain a 90 overall average and a student’s yearly average cannot fall below an 85 in any academic subject. A student must also have good citizenship grades.

PA’s Jr. High Honor Society is sponsored by Mrs. Kori Thigpen.

Jr High Honor Society

Front Row (L to R): McKenzie Miller, Ali Hargett

2nd Row (L to R): Melanie Camarena, Kathryn Warren, Isabelle O'Brien, Briuna Pirtle, Allea Hardy, Mary Evelyn Pittman, Nora Walker, and Madison Jones

3rd Row (L to R):  Ann Carol Gnemi, Alanna Hodo, Emma Grubb, Yoselin Martinez, Maggie Miller, Micah Brooks, Emma Layne Castle, and Skyler Phillips

4th Row (L to R): Grace Tackett, Lucy Barrentine, Joselin Lopez, Kayla Zuniga, Sara Crawford Logan, and Carolyn Rhodes Strawbridge

5th Row (L to R): Brantley Counts, Kevin Hernandez, Ella Wallace, Noah Watts, and Drake Alderman

6th Row (L to R): John Robert Smitherman, Easton Harrison, Ruben Martinez, Matthew Boles, Owen Hodges, and Carter Nunley

Not Pictured:  Jimee Brooke Garrett and Addison Weems