Mustang Club 2021

The honor organization of Pillow Academy is the Mustang Club. Seniors who have accumulated 100 points in multiple fields of activities, such as The Arts, Scholarship, Athletics, Clubs and Organizations are eligible for this distinct honor.
Mustang Club

Emily Barnes

Christian Belk

Bobby Bennett

Caroline Brock

Kayla Brown

Mia Cole

Eric Cortes

Ally Gravlee

Anna Taylor Hudson

Madison Jefcoat

Matthew Jefcoat

Michael Jefcoat

Havee Johnson

Madeline Kelly

Kate Lloyd

Julia Love Lyon

Nolan Marshall

Lawes McCool

Maggie McDonald

Anne Craig Melton

Bryce Miller

Matthew Mooneyham

Carver O’Neal

Lucy Pleasants

Elizabeth Powers

Frazier Rose

Maklane Scates

Mary Kathryn Shaw

Mari Wilson Spruill

Arushi Thakur

Abby Upchurch