PA Graduation Scholarships and Awards

Pillow Academy Graduation Scholarships and Awards

The following awards are presented at graduation.  Each of these awards holds special meaning to Pillow Academy faculty, students and alumni.  The seniors honored by these distinctive recognitions join an outstanding list of outstanding graduates.



The Dr. Sam Brister Award is an annual memorial given by Mrs. Margaret Brister Shipley in memory of her father, the beloved Dr. Sam Brister.  His dedication and service to young people touched the lives of many that are here tonight. This award is given to a senior best exhibiting the qualities of character, integrity, scholarship, leadership, honor, service, and friendship.  This scholarship is presented to:


Carver O’Neal


The Mary Lou Haley Award was established by the late Dr. and Mrs. B.B. Harper of Itta Bena to be given annually to the graduate having achieved the highest four-year average in English. This year’s award is presented to:                       

Arushi Thakur


The Lucas family has been an integral part of Pillow Academy since its inception. They have served Pillow Academy generously, and Sethelle Lucas was the first female board member. Sethelle and John Fair’s commitment to serving others and their dedication and devotion to medicine set a challenging example for Pillow Academy graduates.  The Lucas family honors the memories of John Fair and Sethelle by recognizing a Pillow Academy student that possesses a strong interest in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. This year’s award is presented to: 

                                                            Kayla Brown


The Howell Foundation awards scholarships annually to two Pillow Academy seniors that exemplify academic achievement, citizenship, and participation in extracurricular activities.  This year’s recipients are:


Ally Gravlee and Lucy Pleasants



Elizabeth Gage “Beth” Roberson was an outstanding student at Pillow Academy who personified leadership and citizenship throughout her high school career.  In her memory, the Beth Roberson citizenship and leadership awards are given to two seniors that exemplify excellence in leadership and in citizenship.  This year’s awards are presented to: 


                                                            Anne Craig Melton and Bobby Bennett


The Kathryn Pittman Scholarship is given annually to a senior female who displays Christian ideals, academic achievement, and spirited participation in Pillow Academy activities.  These qualities are what made Kathryn special to all who knew and loved her.  This year’s Kathryn Pittman Scholarship recipient is: 

Julie Love Lyon


The Class of 2003 established a scholarship in memory of their classmate John Fair Lucas IV. John is remembered as one who began to realize the value of an education as he matured. Those who knew John remember his smile, his unfailing courtesy, and his academic and athletic prowess. The scholarship is presented annually to a senior pursuing academic excellence who exemplifies courage, integrity, and love of life. The recipient of the John Fair Lucas IV Memorial Scholarship is:

Lawes McCool



In memory of longtime Pillow supporter and girls soccer coach James H. “Bobo” Champion, Bobo’s friends and family established a scholarship to honor an outstanding senior that will attend the University of Mississippi. The scholarship is given to a student possessing character, leadership, determination, and a strong work ethic.  Bobo exemplified these characteristics and instilled them in his players both on and off the field.  This year’s scholarship is awarded to:                                 

                                                            Madeline Kelly                     



The Pillow Academy Alumni Association presents a scholarship annually in memory of Mr. Bill Davis.  Mr. Davis modeled honesty, self-discipline, and determination for all of Pillow Academy. The heart and spirit of Pillow Academy was and continues to be influenced by Mr. Davis’ legacy.  The student who best reflects the spirit of Bill Davis and Pillow Academy and this year’s recipient of the “Bill Davis Scholarship” is:                   

                                                            Caroline Brock


 Congratulations to this outstanding group of seniors!