Camp Invention

Day 5 was Super Road Rally time! Campers went through different Pit Stops and completed challenges with their vehicles. It was awesome to discover the power of nature-inspired design and engineering as they created our morphing vehicles.

After crafting the invention pitches, campers stepped up to the mic and shared what made their creations unique and innovative! Next the campers presented their product with their trademark.  The teams then had to explain their creation. PA Campers has some great ideas!  

The final duck-chucking devices were tested today. Campers fine-tuned their inventions. The ducks and the campers explored geography and navigated the duck through international waters before returning to the home ponds.

The campers investigated cricket wings and discovered how they make a chirping sound. They applied the cricket anatomy knowledge to create DIY instruments inspired by cricket chirps. Finally, they showed off the new wings by competing in a musical Chirp-Off.


 Pictures from today are posted on Pillow Academy's Facebook Page.