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Podcast Team 


The Media Arts class has done it! These students have created a podcast for Pillow Academy. They will be talking with people that have current and past associations with Pillow. Other guests may be experts in their fields or knowledgeable on current events. Different students will host the episodes with Mr. Donahoe and/or other staff cohosting occasionally.

Members of the class are Abby Alderman, Ava DuBard, Lola Harris, Emma Hodges, Emily Holmes, Tavi Layne Johnson, Brooke Kimmel, Carter Kittle, Drew Lamb, Kimsey Lindsey, Brock Makamson, Libby Marshall, Mason McLellan, Millie Moses, Sarah Frances O'Brien, Dharam Padhiar, Dhruv Patel, John Riley Poe, Walker Saia, Ava Scott, Kyler Summerville, and Campbell Williams.  Mr. John Banusiewicz is the sponsor of Media Arts I and Media Arts II.

In the pilot episode, Junior Lola Harris welcomes Mr. Barrett Donahoe, Head of School, as the first guest.

Use these links or search for “PA Podcast” or “Pillow Academy.” The class encourages you to stay tuned as new episodes are being released. Now, let’s get into today’s conversation . . .

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