#2 and #7 Remembering Pullen Avant and Cole Whitfield

#2 and #7

Remembering Pullen Avant & Cole Whitfield

Tate DuBard has been selected to wear the #7 in honor of Cole Whitfield and the entire team is wearing a patch of #2 in honor of Pullen Avant.  Tate is pictured with Joyner Hayes, Pullen’s first cousin.  Tate was chosen because of his commitment, sportsmanship, and integrity. These words are the ones that best describe Cole Whitfield.  This year, PA’s football staff has honored the entire team with the privilege of wearing Pullen’s number in hopes they would play with the heart and spirit he did. 

An outstanding athlete, Pullen played baseball, basketball, and football. He will be remembered by his classmates of this year’s senior class, for his dedication to sports, his respect for his teammates, and his love of Pillow Academy. 

Cole was a 2017 graduate of Pillow Academy, where he was a star athlete in football, baseball, and soccer. He was quick with encouragement for his teammates. Cole was recognized many times for his athletic ability in many sports.

This honor was first awarded in 2021. Nelson Hodges was selected to wear the #2 and the #7 was worn by Walker Wood. In 2022 #2 was worn by Hayes Bennett and #7 by J.C. Garrard. 

PA is extremely proud of Tate DuBard, Joyner Hayes, and the entire Mustang football team!