Student Council Fundraiser

At Pillow Academy, it is a favorite tradition every year among faculty and students to raise money for different charities by selling hearts. These simple, cut out, pink, red and purple construction  hearts are sold for 25 cents a piece and are passed out on Valentine's Day with a small bag of candy by Student Council and Class Officers. This Valentine’s Day the  student council was able to make over 10,000 hearts and raise $2,845 dollars to benefit Gracefully Broken where Casey Barrentine helps assist other addiction and rehab facilities with families in need of support. This year the Pillow Academy Student Council was given the opportunity to help Gracefully Broken with the remodeling of a nursery at one of the facilities that Casey helps financially assist. Casey has dreamed of being able to create a nursery space for quite some time and is thrilled to see her dream come alive with the financial help of our heart money. Student council members will be able to use the money they raised to buy necessary items for the babies that will be needed as their moms get the help that they need. Student Council officers are also looking forward to being able to help clean, paint and be a part of transforming the space into a beautiful nursery for the moms and babies to enjoy together. Student council is thankful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and is grateful for Casey Barrentine’s ministry of Gracefully Broken and all the wonderful ways she is able to serve those around her.