Capital Campaign

Campus Enhancements
Click the image above to view the video created by Pillow Academy's Media Arts Class

Pillow Academy is excited to announce plans to completely renovate our Student Activity Building (SAB) and update our entrances to the SAB and Gymnasium. This project will include:

  • Student Activity Building (SAB): Complete renovation of the interior-new serving lines, restrooms, tables, floors, lighting, and ceiling
  • SAB-Exterior: new entrances, remove the stucco facade, and provide a courtyard for outdoor seating
  • Breezeway: enclosing the breezeway between the SAB and gym for a cleaner traffic flow and create more space for the SAB and Gym restrooms
  • Gymnasium: Additional square footage to expand seating to 1200, enlarge gym entrances, upgrade and relocate our concession and restrooms, new bleachers, and added storage
  • Traffic Lanes: Add a third lane to the main entrance of Pillow Academy
  • Craig Performing Arts Building: New carpet and stage curtains
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