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Message from Mr. Donahoe

Head of School I want to personally take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Pillow Academy.  Founded in 1965,  Pillow Academy has consistently delivered the top college preparatory education in Greenwood and the surrounding communities.  Since that time Pillow Academy has grown in size and promoted a vision designed to develop all students in knowledge, wisdom, and service.  

The faculty, staff, and administration at Pillow Academy are committed to academic excellence.  As stated in our mission, the main goal at Pillow Academy is to “educate the whole child in an environment of academic excellence and Christian values”.  Our staff recognizes each individual, and our teacher’s work in and out of the classroom as mentors who understand children, teens, and families.  Also, the rigorous curriculum standards at PA help promote our mission and challenge our students. 

PA is dedicated to developing each student’s confidence. It is in this way we help develop the talent and potential within, so that each student has the opportunity to learn, to lead, and to make a difference.  Our classrooms are constantly enhancing education and teaching not only academics, but also about the value of honor and service in our society.  Our many traditions bind us together and create a foundation of core values such as respect, responsibility, compassion and excellence.

Pillow Academy’s leadership in instruction, athletics, and service make it the beacon of educational excellence in Leflore County, and one of the most well respected educational institutions in the state of Mississippi. Our new website is an invitation to learn more about Pillow Academy and the many opportunities found here.   I encourage all visitors to explore our curriculum and programs to see for themselves the endless ways that we engage students in academics, activities, and athletics.  Please take a moment to check out our new website, and we look forward to seeing you on campus soon.  Thanks for visiting, and GO MUSTANGS! 




Barrett Donahoe