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The purpose of PA+, our Annual Fund, is to ensure the fulfillment of Pillow Academy's mission. Because of your support, Pillow Academy students are successful in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the community.

Your patronage will make an incredible impact P.A. Your support helps us have excellent and well-maintained facilities, technology updates that allow for current teaching and learning strategies, renovates science labs, and a multitude of other improvements that enhance our students' learning experiences.

Your gifts will make a difference in many facets of the school.  They will continue to move Pillow and our students forward in excellence.  This year our PA+ annual fund and Grandparents Fund gifts will be used in the following ways:

  • New playground equipment for kindergarten
  • iPad carts for elementary
  • Technology improvements for middle and high school (includes one-to-one technology for campus and distance learning)
  • Enhanced security throughout campus
Your gift is a blessing to our school, and we ask that you prayerfully consider giving again this year.  We are honored to have your family as a part of the PA family.  Thank you.

PA+ Annual FundGrandparents Fund
A glimpse of how your gifts to the Annual Fund and Grandparents Fund impacted our students (to be posted soon)

Every donor, every gift, every dollar makes a difference! Give today!

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Throughout the years your PA+ annual fund gifts have provided the following for our students:

  • Four computer labs with 24 computers in each
  • Smartboards in classrooms
  • Projectors in classrooms
  • 34 computers in elementary classrooms for Accelerated Reader
  • Chromebook carts with 30 Chromebooks each
  • iPad carts in elementary with 30 iPads each
  • Updated lighting in each classroom
  • Renovated bathrooms in Hardeman Hall
  • Scott Multi-Purpose Building
  • PA Volleyball Team
  • Engineering  Design and Robotics
  • STEM (4th, 5th, and 6th Grades)
  • Privacy Fence at entrance to PA
  • Re-paved parking lot (designated gift from America's Catch)
  • Updates to the interior of the Sethi Student Activity Building
  • Science classroom updates in Hardeman Hall
  • Tol Thomas Library and Media Center: New carpet, paint and tables
  • And much, much more including internet speed and access points
No matter how large or small the gift, without PA+, these improvements would not be possible. 


Are tuition dollars enough?

Tuition covers the day-to-day operations of our school including teacher salaries, utilities, and curriculum needs.   Each tuition dollar is accounted for and that is why our annual fund, PA+, is so important. 100% of money raised through PA+ is used for academic and daily needs. The gifts to our PA+ and Grandparents Fund provide the extras that make PA an exceptional college prep school. The PA+ and Grandparents Annual Fund is essential to maintaining and improving the quality of education that our children experience throughout the year.


Gifts made to PA

The Greenwood Leflore Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  All donations, for which no benefit is received, are tax deductible.