Washington, D.C.

2023 8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip

Saturday, November 4th - Thursday, November 9th

Spring Washington, D.C.  Meeting Info

Cost is determined by how many people are in a room. The agency will automatically put the child in a room of 4 and the adults in a room of 2 unless you tell them differently. If you plan to share a room with another adult and child you need to let the agency know. The travel agency handles ALL money! Costs for this year are as follows:

$1645 (4 person occupancy)

$1685 (3 person occupancy)

$1755 (2 person occupancy)

$2065 (Single occupancy)


Rooming assignments for rooms with students only will be determined by me in the fall. Students will be able to choose 5 people that they would like to be in a room with (that are NOT rooming with a parent) and I will place them with at least ONE of those people.


It is extremely important to get initial reservation in! We start reserving tickets in June and need as accurate numbers as possible. We will cut off reservations at a 2 bus capacity limit.


Medicines- If you will be traveling with your child, you can handle medications. However, if you are NOT traveling with your child, I will need documentation on your child’s meds and need to know if they are responsible to take them on their own or if they will need me to distribute accordingly.


Dress- We will have 2 uniform days. The other days will be “casual” but presentable. Boys will wear collared shirts (long or short sleeve). NO T-SHIRTS are allowed for boy or girl. No tears in jeans. No “work out” clothes or athletic gear for girls or boys. (Adults may wear whatever they want). I tell the girls to look cute. How you dress reflects how you should potentially behave. Leggings for girls can only be worn with school uniform and they are required with the uniform. I will give more specific info on dress closer to time depending on weather.


Medical release forms and liability forms will be given out during the meeting after Open House in the fall.


Security and safety- We have personal hotel security each night to monitor floors. We use walking groups to keep track of everyone. Kids spend time with me for several days and KNOW the rules of the trip very well.


Food- the majority of meals are covered with vouchers or buffet style eating. You do NOT go on this trip for the amazing food . . . but, no one will starve either. There will be about 5 meals that will need to be covered either en route traveling and a lunch during the trip. You will need at least an extra $60-$70 to cover these meals.  


Spending money- They will spend whatever you give them . . . literally, down to the dime. Souvenirs are available at every single place we go. Sweatshirts/tshirts average around $35. If you do give your child a lot of spending money, please let me know so I can give it to a responsible adult to manage.


Shoes- bring a couple pairs of comfortable shoes . . . especially, if it is raining. There is a lot of walking on this trip.


Hoping to have the trip as “back to normal” as possible this year! Any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] or text/call 897-0002. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.