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Photography Club

Photography Club 2020-2021

Sponsor Melanie Farmer

Project #3 Christmas Spirit
Winner - Avery McDaniel - "Delta Lights"
Runner-Up - Avery Brower - "The Reason for the Season"
Runner-Up - Carter Kittle - "Pink Christmas"
Project #2  "Sweet"
Winner - Maggie Jennings, Sweet Mix with donuts and landscape.
Runner Up - Brooke Kimmel, Sweets under Glass
Runner Up - Arnav Thakur, Reflecting Sweet Candy
Project #1 Fall/Harvest/Halloween
1st Place: Bobby Bennett (Combine-Harvest)
Runner-Up: Maggie Jennings (Harvest - Cotton)
Runner-Up: Madeline Kelly (Halloween - Jack-O-Lantern)
Runner-Up: Liya Wilson (Fall - Pumpkin)